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Orthomolecular Medicine

Is “nutritional deficiency” the cause of your disorder?

“A health checkup showed no abnormalities. But I am not feeling well somehow.”

Many patients come to our clinic with such problems.

At our clinic, we offer Orthomolecular Medicine to examine and treat such patients.
Physical problems with no identifiable cause are often related to nutritional disorders.
By providing appropriate nutrients, we can improve the symptoms and the overall condition, and the quality of life itself.

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The foods (nutrients) we eat make up our bodies.

It may sound obvious, but this is the basic concept of Orthomolecular Medicine.

Your body is an aggregate of about 37 trillion cells, each of which is composed of nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, etc.) that we take in through our daily diet. Everything you casually consumed yesterday makes up who you are today.

Orthomolecular Medicine aims to make up for a deficiency of nutrients and fundamentally improve the body's constitution itself. We provide precise dietary guidance, medical supplements, and intravenous therapy.

In the flow of Orthomolecular Medicine
We use a blood test to identify the lacking nutrients.

We analyze your nutritional status using a blood test.

Our doctors, well-versed in nutritional therapy, will analyze the blood test data to find out which nutrients are lacking and show you the results as a healthy analysis report.
Based on the objective index of the blood test, we will supplement the deficient nutrients and aim guide the quantitative supplementation of deficient nutrients and aim to improve your symptoms with an approach that maximizes natural healing power.

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Examination and blood test Initial 22,000yen and up
2nd and subsequent tests 17,000yen and up
Explanation of test results 5,500yen

All listed prices are including tax.

The cost varies depending on the prescription, but it is usually 10,000 yen to 40,000 yen per month.